Asahi Voice Actor Interview

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What do you find appealing about your character? Do you have anything in common with them?

Asahi is always cheerful, positive, and hardworking. It’s not actually very easy to be like that, so I think that’s his biggest appeal. I tried to think of something we have in common, but apart from the fact we often play the straight man for the people around us, we’re total opposites [laughs]. That’s one of the reasons it was fun to play him.


The SA Cronos transform when their adrenaline levels are high. If you were an SA Cronos, what would cause you to transform?

I don’t lose my temper very often, so maybe if I got really mad… Is that too generic an answer? [laughs].


What were your thoughts when you heard the theme of the game?

I thought it was packed with interesting ideas! [laughs]. The characters all have full back stories, so thinking about how those would come into play in the future had me looking forward to what’s to come after what I recorded.


Please say a few words to our fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of Tokyo Debunker.

I’m Sho Nogami, the voice of Asahi Onda. In Tokyo Debunker, the characters are fighting in secret in a modern setting. I gave it my all voicing Asahi in the hopes that you’ll enjoy this exciting story! It would make me really happy if you gave some love to Asahi, who’s doing his best as the Debunkers’ informant. I hope you’re looking forward to the game’s release!


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