Sunny Owner of Adrenaline Junkie


Age 40

Birthday October 4

Occupation Owner of Junkie

Height 5’9″

Blood Type O

Favorite Food Okinawan Cuisine


The owner of Adrenaline Junkie, where the Debunkers hang out. He also serves as the contact between the Debunkers and the Special Medical Research Institute, and he may know a lot more than he lets on…

Kind and soft-spoken, he supports the team from the sidelines. His main hobby is working out, but unfortunately, his hard work has yielded few results.

Voice Actor Daiki Hamano

Bright and Cheery Space Case


Age 21

Birthday February 18

Occupation College Student

Height 5’8″

Blood Type AB

Favorite Food Space Food


A college student who frequents Adrenaline Junkie because he believes the strange radio signals he picks up there mean that it’s a contact point for alien lifeforms. Kosei is fascinated by space and couldn’t care less about Earth.

He works part-time at a planetarium in Shibuya, but most of his earnings go into the games at Adrenaline Junkie. Anytime his childhood friend Asahi arrives at the bar, Kosei immediately bugs him for news about aliens.

Voice Actor Ayumu Murase

Energetic Social Media Specialist


Age 21

Birthday September 29

Occupation College Student

Height 5’7″

Blood Type A

Favorite Food Hamburgers


A college student who serves as the Debunkers’ main source of information. His phone never leaves his hand and he’s constantly trawling social media. He dreams of becoming a real influencer online, and became an informant for the Debunkers after meeting Kai while chasing after urban legends.

He’s always upbeat and a hard worker, but he is easily excited by new information and can be quite noisy, much to Kai’s chagrin. His childhood friend Kosei doesn’t always make a lot of sense to the others, so Asahi interprets for him.

Voice Actor Sho Nogami

Sharp-Tongued Underground Idol


Age 22

Birthday August 10

Occupation Underground Idol

Height 5’2″

Blood Type B

Favorite Food Pudding


An underground idol who works part-time at Adrenaline Junkie. She plays guitar for her up-and-coming band, Metal in Full Bloom. She is concerned about a girl living by herself with a bunch of men, and asks Ryuji to allow her to move into Keyaki Maison with you.

She couldn’t care less about Cronos—any discussions about them go in one ear and out the other. She develops a sharp tongue when talking to men.

Voice Actor Natsumi Murakami

Headstrong Hedgehog


Age 3

Birthday November 18

Occupation Freeloader

Height One coconut tall

Blood Type Unknown

Favorite Food Nuts


A talkative hedgehog who came to live with Ryuji after a harrowing series of events. He is Kai’s number one fan, and is very fond of Adrenaline Junkie and his comfortable life there.

He talks big for such a little guy, but it’s tough to get mad at him, and to the Debunkers, he is an indispensable part of the family.

Voice Actor Kazutomi Yamamoto

Available in 2020