Troublesome Ace


Age 23

Birthday April 19

Occupation Graduate Student

Height 5’9″

Blood Type O

Favorite Food Cup Noodles


This prickly grad student joined the CRCU in college, alongside his childhood friend Yuma. Most of the time, when he opens his mouth, it’s to complain. He’s inconsiderate and overly reliant on Yuma, but when push comes to shove, he straightens up into a hot-blooded warrior who will fly to the defense of his teammates.

As one of the most powerful SA Cronos, he would be the Debunkers’ ace operative, but sometimes his laziness gets in the way.

Voice Actor Kaito Ishikawa

Persevering Perfectionist


Age 23

Birthday May 30

Occupation Financial Analyst

Height 5’10”

Blood Type B

Favorite Food Cream Puffs


A financial analyst by day, Yuma moonlights as a member of the CRCU. As the oldest of five siblings, he never passes up a chance to make a bit of extra money. A perfectionist and a neat freak by nature, on days off he can be found cleaning or attending the concert of one of his favorite artists.

His childhood friend Hiroto relies heavily on him, and despite the way his actions conflict with Yuma’s philosophy that success starts with hard work, the two share a special bond.

Voice Actor Soma Saito

Hard-Line Leader


Age 27

Birthday January 31

Occupation Network Engineer

Height 6’2″

Blood Type A

Favorite Food Meat


A member of the CRCU since its founding, and current leader of the Debunkers. He views his SA Cronos ability as a gift from someone important to him, and has a strong sense of responsibility, viewing even one civilian casualty as unacceptable. As a result, he tends to rush into things alone.

He likes meat a lot, should probably be eating more vegetables, and has hobbies better suited to an old man. He is the only member of the Debunkers who lived through the Twilight Tragedy.

Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya

Playful Prankster-Hacker


Age 18

Birthday July 7

Occupation White Hat Hacker

Height 5’6″

Blood Type AB

Favorite Food Curry Rice


A genius white-hat hacker who joined the CRCU after he learned the secret of the SA Cronos. Despite his young age, he holds a diploma from a university in the U.S.

He comes from a very rich family, and his bodyguard Hachi is always by his side. He may be sheltered, and his efforts to make people smile may cause trouble more often than not, but no one cares more about his friends than he does.

Voice Actor Yusuke Nagano

Playboy with a Checkered Past


Age 29

Birthday November 8

Occupation Chef

Height 6′

Blood Type A

Favorite Food Soba Noodles


The owner of Mitake, a long-standing restaurant in Shibuya. He joined the CRCU after Ryuji saved his life, but he only shows up when he feels like it. A natural sadist, he can’t resist tormenting his pure-hearted roommate Tomu.

Despite this, he looks out for those around him, an older brother figure to the younger members of the team. He’s a notorious flirt, but rumor has it in his high school days, all of Shibuya knew him as the tough-as-nails leader of a local street gang…

Voice Actor Makoto Furukawa