Prickles Voice Actor Interview

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What do you find appealing about your character? Do you have anything in common with them?

Prickles is a hedgehog, so he’s prickly, of course, but since he’s a bit of a coward he’s also compassionate, and he’s adorable. What we have in common is…we’re both small, and I also love muscles. People with muscles are really dependable.


The SA Cronos transform when their adrenaline levels are high. If you were an SA Cronos, what would cause you to transform?

Playing with animals would make me transform. Then I’d howl to call all my buddies together and we’d go fight. Drinking milk tea calms me down, so afterward, I’d live a long and happy life together with the animals.


What were your thoughts when you heard the theme of the game?

I liked the dark world feel, and though it’s science fiction, it’s modeled after a real place, so there’s a sense of realism to it that seemed really fun. I also like the part about living in the same building as your teammates.


Please say a few words to our fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of Tokyo Debunker.

It’s a dangerous world, but we’re all waiting for you. Please come play… I mean, please come save us.


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